Loving like Jesus.

Happy Mothers day, to all the amazing mothers out there.

I know that I have been really behind in writing. Since it is cloudy and gloomy here in the Juniata Valley, It’s a great opportunity to share some thoughts that have been on my mind.

When I was a young child, I remember my mom consistently giving of herself to invest in us kids. There were three of us, so my mother had her hands full. She would always give up whatever she wanted to do, so that we could play sports, or do karate. Everything was for her kids.

She also taught (by her example) how to love like Jesus did. Even in seasons when things were tough, she continued to show grace and love to people around her that clearly did not deserve it. Myself included. I didn’t understand back then the things my mom was teaching me. But now, all those years later, I can fully see that she was showing us things that we couldn’t possibly get anywhere else.

Mom’s lessons weren’t always fun, but they have stayed with me, and helped me as I walk through this new season of life. She taught me;

Love, even when folks don’t deserve it.

This is what Jesus would would do. We see it clearly when the people he loved were taking him to the cross. He asks the father to “forgive them, for they know not whet they do.” Mom was always loving us, even when we clearly did not deserve, or earn that love.

Pray, Pray, Pray.

I remember many difficult times falling on our family. My mother was (and still is) a prayer warrior. There were many times, when things were very bad that she would reassure us that “we serve a big strong God, who won’t forget about us.” Then, she would back her statement up by praying with us. On many an occasion, I watched my mom cry out to God on her knees. That, is one of the most influential things she ever did for me. That simple example, changed the direction of my life forever.

Give unselfishly.

Mom showed this to us in the way she lived her life. When she was working full time, then coming home and preparing food, and doing wash. She always found the time to invest in us. Just when we needed her. When we didn’t have a lot of money, she fed my friends anyway. Mom would give the shoes off her feet, if she met someone who needed them.

These three things have stuck with me, as I walk through my own trials in life. Why? Because they are all examples of how Jesus taught us to live. Could you imagine how life on this planet would be, if we could all focus on these three things?

I know for my siblings and I, watching mom act out these fundamentals in her own life, impacted us tremendously. It helped define who we would become as adults, and ultimately, what we would teach our children.

My mom should be proud. Because through all the struggle and pain, she taught us benchmarks of life and faith, that will continue to impact our family for generations behind her.

In the book of Proverbs, King Solomon teaches us:

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” Proverbs 22:6 NLT 

Thanks mom for doing just that. Not only with your words, but with your life.


What do you think?

Till Next time,



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