Why is Christmas so Stressful?

Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! People are putting up lights, buying gifts, and preparing to spend time with the ones they love. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. I love setting up the Christmas Tree with Ava & Jodie, and watching our favorite Christmas movies together.
This year however, has been somewhat different. Since we are in the midst of a move, some of our most treasured traditions have been put on hold. Instead of enjoying movies together, we have been packing boxes! Because we have a timeline for when all this packing must be done, it’s become somewhat stressful. That makes it really easy to get frustrated and forget the real reason for our celebration of Christmas.
In the Bible, two of the three synoptic writers, Matthew and Luke document the birth of our savior. I really enjoy reading through these two scriptures to get an in depth look at what I would consider the Greatest Story ever Told.
Read Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 1:18-24 and 2:1-23.
As I read these two writings, I am enamored by the clarity and the excitement that surrounds the story of the Coming King. I often wish I could have been there to experience those times for myself. I wonder if those people really knew what they were experiencing first hand.
But then reality rushes back in. I find myself remembering all the boxes that still have yet to be packed, and the things that need to be done. So much in fact that we did not even get a Christmas tree this year. Perhaps you can relate to that feeling? Maybe things aren’t going the way you had planned for your family this Christmas season. Maybe you have experienced loss, or depression over a situation you are currently facing?
I can assure you that The Christmas story is not just a tradition. It’s not just an excuse that retailers use to sell us all those cool little trinkets. In reality, the Christmas story is the revelation of the prophesied Messiah whose coming was foretold 700 years prior,(Isaiah 7:10-17) who has come to save the world. That’s right, he came for you and me. And here is the best part, we know how the story ends! Jesus’s sacrifice cleansed us of all of our sins. And he cares about you.
My prayer today, is that you will find the love and compassion of Jesus I am writing about for yourself. Don’t let the difficult times you are facing keep you from his redemptive love.
As for me and my house, even though it’s a stressful season. Even though we may not have a “real” Christmas Tree. Even though our house will be full of boxes in a new town. We will take time to be together, and recount the “Greatest Story ever Told”. Because it’s that important. Jesus really came to earth for me. and he came here for you too.
What do you think?
Till Next week,

One Reply to “Why is Christmas so Stressful?”

  1. I too love Christmas time and all the trees and light and more people are willing to be kind. But for some it can be stressful. Sorry you are having to pack at this time of year but try to look at it from a different perspective. Whether someone else closed the door or you closed the door, the door is closed but God always opens a window and as you stand there and look out that window, think of all the wonderful things that can be possible with this move. have a blessed Christmas in remembering why He came in he first place – because He Loved Us.

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