Fear and moving to Mifflintown.

We often experience fear in our lives, when something amazing is about to happen. Yep, that’s right. The enemy (The devil) will often cause fear (or even anxiety) so that we divert our minds away from focusing on a task, and instead focus on that paralyzing feeling that we can’t get away from.
The fear consumes our mind, body and soul, until we can focus on nothing else. This destroying whatever mission or task we were focused on completing. Often causing us to retreat, and “run away” from whatever goal we were trying to complete.
I am sure by now, you have heard that Jodie and I have accepted our first full time Pastorate, and are preparing to move to the town of Mifflintown Pennsylvania, some 170 miles away from everyone and everything we know. As exciting as this opportunity is, it’s also pretty scary.
I know what you are thinking, “Ministers aren’t suppose to get scared!” Sure we are. Just because we have strong faith, doesn’t mean we aren’t human beings.
I think the instant we said yes, the enemy started to attack me right away. I started worrying about what the move might look like, I asked myself “could I really Pastor in a culture that wasn’t urban?” Could I Pastor a church period?? How will my daughter and wife handle it. Will our old doggie make the transition ok? and on, and on, and on. Here we see, the enemy using every possible avenue of fear and doubt to attack, so we run and hide from the call that God himself has placed before us. I’m only sharing these things, because transparency brings truth.
Listen to what God speaks to nation Israel through the prophet Isaiah here in Chapter 43:1
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.”
WOW! What do I have to fear?? even in the Old Testament, God was encouraging his people and reminding them that they were chosen by HIM!
The only way I have found to be able to defeat the fear and anxiety I constantly face, is to pray and believe that God is who he said he is, and will do what he has promised.
Just the other night, I was woken from my sleep, and I began to pray. I asked God to protect and dwell in my daughter, while she is away at college. I asked God to enable my wife to feel stronger, and have less pain every day. I asked him to walk with us through this coming transition. I prayed for the fellows I currently work with that God would provide them with a new strong honest leader. I prayed for our current Pastor and church family. Prayer is the most important thing during times of anxiety and fear. But it’s pretty much powerless if you don’t believe God is going to hear when you call out to him.
If you are still reading, hear me. Prayer defeats fear.
So, will you pray with me?? Let’s pray that God would defeat the fear that is plaguing our lives. Then, STOP listening to fear. Don’t give it a voice in your life any longer. Trust that God has gone before you, and the Holy Spirit will empower you to do the things you are called to do.
Fear is not of God, It’s a tool that the enemy uses to deter the work of God in his people.
Now let’s get moving!
What do you think?
Till next week,

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