Tick tock goes the clock.

And just like that, the summer is over.

This summer Jodie and I did an extensive amount of traveling. We visited 7 different states, and met many new people along the way. As much time as we spent on the road, I still feel like we didn’t have enough time to get to everything we had hoped to do this year.

Time is a something I always feel like I don’t ever have enough of.

Why is that?

In this age of go all the time, never slow down, we never stop to think about the important things we should be spending our time on. We are always looking to be entertained, and sometimes forget about the things we should be focusing on. How often do you put aside the time to do any of the following??

#1. Read.

I use to teach our youth students that they needed to try to at least spend 5-10 minutes a day reading God’s word. Without any distractions. Just dig in and see what he has in there for you. I know this is hard! I work full time outside our church. Sometimes I literally have to force myself to go and spend sometime studying, instead of looking at social media all night.

#2. Fellowship.

When I was a kid, our church use to have these big “Church Dinners” once or twice a month, after service. I remember laughing and just enjoying being around people. Fellowship is important. I am talking about fellowship without your computer or phone in your hand. Talk with people. Get to know them again.

#3. Pray.

Prayer seems to be a lost art in our culture. People don’t have the time to pray, until something bad happens in their lives. Then they want to pray a lot, and they want everyone else to pray with them! Corporate prayer is important, but not on a “sometimes” basis. We serve a jealous God who wants to have a relationship with you. Talk to him often, he will listen.

#4. Listen.

People around us need us to just be still and listen. I am so blessed to have a group of men that will listen and help with my insecurities. Be that person to someone else. Most times you don’t have to say much, just be there.

When I think about the important things that I don’t have enough time to do, the above always seem to pop up on my list. I am going to try harder to focus on making time to Listen, Pray, Fellowship and Read.

How bout you?

How can I pray for you this week? Seriously?? Send me an email pastorjeffro@outlook.com or catch me on Social Media.

Do you need someone to just listen? Jodie and I are here to help.

I hope you had a blessed Labor day. Football and snow are coming soon! 😲

What do you think?

Till next week,


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