What swimming ponies taught me about weathering the storm.

Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day.

This morning I got up and watched the Wild Pony Swim live from Chincoteague Virginia on my computer. The swim, is a hundred year old, annual event that is held on a small barrier island in the far northern section of Virginia’s eastern shore. The wild ponies live year round on the Island of Assateague (the VA section is a National Wildlife Reserve.) Every July, the volunteer firemen of Chincoteague round the horses up, then swim them across the bay (at slack tide) to Chincoteague Island (officially called “pony penning”) as part of their Annual Fireman’s Carnival.

My family has been going to the Island of Chincoteague for almost 30 years, and I have never experienced a Pony swim! I was hopeful that this year, my daughter and I would make the 4 hour drive early Wednesday morning to be there for this years event. But that didn’t happen. That’s okay, because it rained all day. Not just a little rain, we are talking major torrential rain.

So, watching the annual event on my computer this morning, I started thinking. “I wonder why all those thousands of people would stand out there in the pouring rain, for hours, just to see some horses swim?” Couldn’t they just do it tomorrow??

Here’s the thing. This pony swim, has been done on the same date, for over 93 years. Why would they let a storm, destroy such an important event? That’s just it, sometimes, we have to continue on through the storm.

Many times we face storms like the one in Chincoteague, in our personal lives. The storm gets so ferocious, that we think we can’t possibly go on, so we try to “quit” or “postpone” whatever it was that we had planned to do. Most “storms” in the lives of believers come to stop a work of God, or just something good that is happening. The enemy uses those storms to reek havoc in our lives so we feel like we can’t possibly be used for good, or even that our lives have no value.

I love this simple passage from Joshua 1:9 check it;

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua was Moses assistant. When Moses passed away, God commanded Joshua to lead the people of Israel. He was probably terrified, but the solid words of God, assured him that he was going to be good to go.

Try to remember these words, the next time a raging storm rips through your life. Remember that God is in control. He won’t leave you, and he has your back. Then, get out your umbrella, and keep working. A little rain won’t stop what God is doing.

Just like the ponies in Chincoteague, all the storm does is make the event more interesting.

What do you think??

Till next week,


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