Better Together.

This week, I have been away with my wife and our Pastoral Staff at our fellowship’s District Council. This particular week has been extremely emotional, due to the retirement of our long time District Superintendent (Pastor to our Pastors) Pastor Steve Tourville.

This morning Pastor Steve shared a message with us from Acts chapter 20. He encouraged us to always be “Compelled by the Spirit” in all aspects of our lives. He gave us a few very important points to focus on when asking the Lord to equip us to do what we cannot do ourselves.

I’m happy to share these 7 pieces of Pastor Steve’s knowledge with you. I hope they influence you the way they did me.

Let’s ask the lord to;

#1. Help me to CARE for people, more than for my own comfort.

#2. Help me to TRUST when I don’t know, or have all the answers.

#3. Help me to OBEY with what I have been assigned to do.

#4. Help me to FOLLOW being equipped by the Spirit!

#5. Help me to PREPARE while you do your work through us.

#6. Help me to SERVE with purpose and humility.

#7. Help me to BELIEVE that serving now, makes a difference for those who follow.

These points are not just for people in ministry, they are for all followers of Jesus. Because they apply to all aspects of life. If we faithfully apply them in our daily lives, we will be better prepared for the works that God has for us all!

Even through his coming retirement, Pastor Steve continues to invest in us. I will miss his humor, wisdom and support. But I look forward to the future plans God has four our District and our Fellowship. I am encouraged by the election of our new leader Pastor Don Immel. His heart is much like Pastor Steve’s, he really cares about people. The best is yet to come!

One thing Pastor Steve has taught us, that will radiate through this district for years to come. We really are, “Better Together”.

We love you Pastor Steve!

What do you think?

Till next week,


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