My thoughts on Easter and struggles we face.

It’s the Wednesday before Easter. Everyone is thinking about coloring eggs, Buying candy, and looking their best for Easter Sunday service.

The local churches are cleaning and making sure they are ready for what is usually one of the busiest Sunday mornings of the year.

The grocery stores are stocked with plastic eggs and rows and rows of cream eggs! YUM!

But not this guy.

I have really been struggling through the week. I got a couple bits of bad news the last few days, and I feel kinda like I am floating in outer space. Like my heart and soul are under attack.

Maybe that’s because they are. It’s called Spiritual Warfare. That’s when the enemy of our souls uses anything and everything in our daily lives as a tool to attack us. common things, like;





Family Issues,


Anything that can divert your attention from what’s important (in this circumstance Easter Sunday) to what is causing you grief at that particular moment. What we as followers of Jesus need to do, is to try and be prepared for these kinds of petty attacks from the enemy.


Okay, in the Book of James Chapter 4, the author is teaching about drawing close to God when he quickly and efficiently addresses this subject. He writes;

 So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8 Come close to God, and God will come close to you.


It’s just that simple. Humble yourself before God, that means lay whatever you are dealing with humbly before him, Resist the Devil and he will flee. Then, God will come close.

So as bad as my week has been, all I have to do is identify the fact that the crazy difficult things of the world are attacking my soul. Then tell the devil (Using the name of Jesus) to scram. And he will flee.

There is power in the name of Jesus. It’s not just some generic name that people of our culture consistently use in vain. It’s a powerful name, That the enemy cannot defeat.

We live in a spiritual world. The scriptures speak of the power of the Holy Spirit and how it impacts believers and empowers them to do works that they couldn’t accomplish on their own.

We need that power daily to help us survive where normal people would fail.

Humble myself, Resist, he will flee, God will come close. I need him to come close, especially as we are preparing to celebrate the sacrifice of the king.

Sounds simple right? I think I need to work on that.

What do you think??

Till next week,


P.S. Hey, are you looking for somewhere to spend Easter Sunday? Why don’t you join us in our newly remodeled Sanctuary for Sunday service at 10am.

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

1501 Ferndale Ave

Abington Pa. 19001

We will be having a community cookout and Easter egg hunt for the kiddos following service!

More info at

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