First and foremost, I need to apologize for not updating the blog last week. Things got a little crazy around here, and it kinda got put on the back burner.

That being said, it has been an exciting week here in our city.

After what seemed like forever, The Philadelphia Eagles “Phinally” won the Super Bowl!

We were blessed to be enjoying the game with plenty of close friends, and lots of pizza and chicken wings. I recall the disbelief that I felt, wondering if I was really dreaming?? I mean, could this really be happening? Is this for real??

It was. I was overjoyed! I can’t stop smiling. 😊

I think one of the best parts of this entire week, has been the way our coaches and players have been giving glory to God for this entire season.

They have truly put Christ first in everything they have been doing. From the trophy presentation, where Coach Pederson gave “All glory to Jesus Christ” to the way back up quarterback Nick Foles praised God for the ability to even play the game.

One of the biggest things that hit me was when retired coach Tony Dungy shared in a tweet, that he was really enjoying some of the moments at the Super Bowl with his son. After the game, they were hoping to catch up with some of the Eagles players. They found Quarterbacks Nick Foles, Carson Wentz, Nate Sudfeld and tight end Zach Ertz all together in a quiet room praying. They were giving thanks for all that had transpired over the past year.

So needless to say, I am not only excited to be a lifelong fan of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles, I am so proud of these young men for using this gift God has blessed them with to bring glory to his name!

Tomorrow, close to three million people are expected in our city for the “Parade of Champions.” Think of all of those folks who have never been introduced to the redeeming grace of Jesus. How many of them need the love of an all powerful God in their lives? Three million people, that have the opportunity to hear about Jesus from their favorite football player. It’s amazing to think about.

If God can use Football to impact the lives of folks in our city, imagine who he could reach through you.


What do you think?

Till next week,



2 Replies to “Phinally!”

  1. Thanks my friend, the power of the Lord is all around us, we just need to reach out and grasp it. This team proved that when you are beat down, and band together the good Lord works wonders thru you. Peace

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