Something is happening in Philadelphia. 😁

It’s that time of year.
The air is turning crisp, leaves are falling, People are devouring Chicken Wings…

Yes, it’s Football season.
As a native son of the City of Philadelphia, I am well versed in having high hopes every year. Hopes that I will be able to watch my beloved Eagles run out on to the grass at Lincoln Financial Field, and into Super Bowl history. 

But as every Philadelphian knows, our beloved team just cant seem to get it done. As a matter of fact, they have NEVER got it done. Ever. 
But this year, feels different. I feel like something has changed. Out of nowhere, our team has managed to rise to the top. To somehow hold the best record in the league!

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? What changed so drastically in that locker room?
People in this city have been debating this for weeks.
“It’s our new quarterback” they say. 

“We finally have a defense” is the talk on sports radio. 

“Well, they actually got some good receivers.”

“They put that little statue of William Penn on the top of the Comcast Center.”

The arguments go on and on. And in a city as passionate about football as Philly, everyone wants to know what has happened…
Well, today I am going to give my take on what is really going on. I may take some heat for writing this, but that’s actually why I write a blog. I want to know what you think.

So here goes..
I see something more than just a new quarterback, or a defensive scheme. 

I see more than a few good wide receivers. 

I see more than a lucky coach.

I see spiritual change. I see men coming together for a cause greater than football. I see players being united by the power of something greater than us.
I know whet you are thinking. “Jeff, you only see this stuff because you are a minister.” “That’s what ministers do, they look for that stuff.”
Maybe so. But maybe not.
If you check out the local media here in Philly, “Faith” among the football players has been a pretty hot topic. Now, I know that the media would quickly sweep my theory under the carpet, But when you have players holding prayer meetings in the locker room and baptizing their friends in hotel pools at road games, you have to wonder. “What is that all about?”
So can Faith really help a team win??
Absolutely! You see, what we are witnessing is a change of heart among these players. When the Holy Spirit gets a hold of your life, everything changes. Including your heart. You look at life differently, Your values change. So, instead of living (or playing) for yourself, you want to do everything for the glory of God. Then, when you surround yourself with 30 other folks who are in it for the same reason as you… Everything changes.
Does God like football?
I don’t know, But I know he loves life change. So then blessing a team that is honoring him is just an added bonus.

In the scriptures, Luke reminds us;

“When just one turns and repents, the angels in heaven rejoice!”

So if God got into the hearts and minds of a group of football players, and they all put everything aside to glorify him, on and off the field, what would happen???
Everything would change. 
Now I am not saying that this team is the greatest of all time, nor am I prophesying that they are going to deliver a Super Bowl to a victory starved city. 
What I am saying is that God can change any life to bring glory to his name. I believe that we are seeing here in Philly, is Fruit from that.
What do you think??
Till next week,

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