We cry too. 

Over the past few months, I have received several notes, texts and comments from folks about my positive faith based posts on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even in this blog.

I am so appreciative that people actually read things that I write, and don’t just delete them and move on to the next post. I am constantly overwhelmed by the fact that God can use something as common as social media to reach people who may not have been impacted by the Holy Spirit in any other way. That being said, I wanted to take a few minutes to address something that I have heard a few times recently. That conversation would go like this;

Friend: “Hey Pastor Jeffro, I read your post the other day! It was so inspiring!”

Me: “Really? Wow thanks. (trying hard to remember what it was that was so good)

Friend: “You post such good, positive stuff. You must really have it all together.”

Me: “Well no, actually…”

Common misconception. Many people think that folks in ministry have it “All together” all the time. That’s not true. 
People in ministry are regular folks just like you. We cry, we get stressed out, we fight with anxiety, we worry about our kids, we deal with sickness, sometimes we work other jobs, aaannnnnnnddd yes, we struggle with our faith. That’s right. we struggle with our faith.
Being called into ministry does not make you exempt from all the trials and tribulations of this world. It just means that you believe that the God of the universe loves you unconditionally, and that you commit to spread his gospel and live a life worthy of being considered one of his disciples.
So, how do we handle life when things get tough?

Well, here are a few things I try to do.

#1. Remember its okay to cry.
That’s right, its okay to cry. God gave us the ability to cry, to relieve stress and clear our eyes so we can begin to see clearly again. 

#2. Go to the scriptures. 
I have found that no matter what I am facing in life, There is almost always a story of someone in the scriptures that dealt with something relevant to what I am experiencing. God’s word is our owners manual for all of life. Don’t miss out on what you can learn, from his word.

#3. Pray.
Not necessarily on your own. On many occasions, I will call, text, post on social media, anything I can do to get people praying. Time in prayer is amazing because you can almost feel Jesus there with you. But what makes it better, is if there are others crying out to God with you, sharing your pain. God hears the cries of his people.

#4. Praise him when it’s good, and praise him when it’s bad.
I learned this one when my dad suffered a major heart attack back in 2007. I was so distraught, that my body actually started to shut down. Finally, I realized that I was going to love God even if my father passed away. What a relief it was to feel the Power of the Holy Spirit around me when I cried out to God that I would praise him in the good, but I would praise him during the hard times too.

#5. Encourage.
It’s contagious! For almost 10 years, I have been using my social media platforms to glorify God. I can’t tell you how many people have made positive comments about God’s word being glorified on their news feed!!

Life is not always easy. Take it from someone who knows. But I am just as normal as you. The only difference is I try (and try and try and try!) To use my life and character to glorify God, then leave the rest up to him.

How bout you? Will you join me??

What do you think?
Till next week,

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