One of the questions I continue to receive is “Why do these horrible things continue to happen?”
Here are my thoughts. We live in a sinful world. Most people in our country do not believe in God, so they pay no attention to his teachings. Therefore, we live in a culture where people believe its ok to do whatever they want, regardless of the outcome. In the situation we had in Las Vegas this week, a man decided to make a horrific decision that ended up destroying the lives of hundreds of families in the process. We may not ever really understand why he made the decision that he did. But we can probably concur that he knew what the ramifications of his actions would be, and he probably wanted to hurt as many innocent people as he possibly could.   
Now, if you listen to the media, they will tell you that this event happened because there weren’t tight enough gun laws, or that a particular political party was not in control of the country. They will even try to get you to believe that somehow it’s the hotel’s fault.
Here is the bottom line.
Sin is why these kinds of things keep happening. 
People continue to live in contradiction of what the scriptures teach us. They believe that they can handle this world on their own. That they don’t need any help. That there is no such thing as God. The list goes on and on and on.
The truth is, we DO need a savior! 

Man was infiltrated by sin in the beginning of time, (Genesis 3) starting with Adam and Eve. We DO need someone to step in and take the punishment for all the stupid decisions that we make. We DO need someone to erase our past and make us new again.
This world CAN change. The debt has already been paid! (Matthew 27:32-44)
The only way we will ever see change, is if the people accept Jesus for who he is, and the accept the atonement (sacrificial death on the cross) as the ONLY payment for our sins. I highlighted the word “only” because there is no other way.

If we really accept who he is and what he lives for, then let him change our lives..These things would stop happening. It will take commitment, and there will be life change. The world will never be the same.
My heart is broken for Las Vegas.
What do you think??

Till next week,


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