I am always so BUSY!!! 

I always feel like I have no time for anything. Working outside the church, I need to focus most of my time during the week on my full time employment. That leaves me with very little time left over to focus on the millions of other things I need to accomplish during the week. Sometimes I feel like I am burning my candle at both ends. Can you relate?

 I literally have to force myself to schedule school time, time with my family, and to study and meditate on God’s word. It’s very difficult! The reason I am addressing this today, is I often hear people say that they have no time for church, prayer, or to make it to church on a Sunday morning. That their lives are “Just too busy.”

 We as humans always seem to put our time with the Lord on the back burner. We don’t focus on him, don’t read the scriptures and can’t get into service on time. Why is that? Then, when things in life get rough, we blame it on God.

 A relationship with God is like any other relationship. If you don’t invest in it, it won’t flourish.

 As a teenager, I often blamed God for all the hardships in my life. Anytime something went bad, it was God’s fault. He was horrible, and didn’t love me. As I got older, I realized that it was me who had stopped communicating with God. It was me who wasn’t praying. It was me who wasn’t reading his word. It was me, who was responsible for all of my problems.


I realized that I needed to simply “Make time for God.’ So I focused on three things.

 1. Reading the word. Making sure I spend at least 20 minutes a day reading the scriptures.  

2. Praying. I pray on my way to and from work. And not just asking God for things, I have to remember to praise him for his blessings. 

3. Worship. This one is easy. I worship at work, whilst driving, when I am at home with my family. God loves to hear us worship. In fact the scriptures say he “Inhabits the praises of his people!”

 I know, It’s really hard to set time apart in our busy schedules. But that’s literally what I have to do. Set time aside for God. Now, don’t get me wrong, the world around you won’t change, but something inside YOU will. And that’s what matters.

What do you think


Till next week,


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