Heroes come in many sizes. 

This week, we have been doing Vacation Bible School at the church. The Theme for this year is “Hero Central.” Now, imagine if you will, 35-40 kids and adults all running around dressed up as super heroes.

It’s so much fun to watch the kids learn about Jesus, while having a blast doing some “super” cool stuff
The Kids are Learning to be super followers of Jesus, while focusing on a piece of scripture from the book of Psalms;

“Turn away from evil! Do good! Seek peace and go after it!” Psalms 34:14 CEB

In the above scripture, the psalmist David is teaching Children how to honor the Lord. In verse 11 he begins by encouraging the children to listen to his words, as he explains how to follow the lord.

“Come, children, listen to me, Let me teach you how to honor the Lord: Do you love life; do you relish the chance to enjoy good things? Then you must keep your tongue from evil and keep your lips from speaking lies. Turn away from evil! Do good! Seek peace and go after it!”

What an amazing, simple way to teach kids to focus on honoring Jesus with their lives. It’s also pretty relevant to how adults should live too. Check it out.
#1. Turn Away from Evil. This is pretty straight forward. It doesn’t get any clearer than that!

#2. Do Good. That’s easy. Play by the rules God has laid out for us in the scriptures, and things will go smoothly.

#3. Seek Peace. Focus on acting like adults and not letting the petty things of this world get under our skin.

#4. Go after it! Don’t sit on the bench and watch the world go by. Be a follower of Jesus and tell the world about it! Share who you are in him!!
It’s amazing to me how much We can learn about faith from the hearts of children. Watching them play and learn this week has been so much fun! Exhausting, but fun.

What can you learn from People younger than you?? Don’t be afraid to listen. Many times we can learn, just by hearing what people say.

Wanna learn more?

Bring your kids and join us for VBS. You might be amazed at how you can see Jesus in the lives of these kids.

What do you think??

Till next week,

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